Administer AI Builder

[This topic is pre-release documentation and is subject to change.]

Power Platform administrators can use the PowerApps admin center and the Power Platform Admin center to manage environments and settings for PowerApps and AI Builder.

For more information, see the Power Platform Administrator Guide.

Supported regions

Your AI model is deployed in the region that hosts the environment. For example, if your environment is created in the Europe region, then your model is deployed in Europe datacenters. For an overview of environments, see Environments overview.

Currently, AI Builder is available in United States and Europe only. AI Builder features will not be available in environments created outside United States or Europe.

Enable or disable AI Builder feature

Power Platform administrators can use the Power Platform Admin center to control the availability of AI Builder in an environment.

By default, the AI Builder feature is set to On (enabled) for any eligible environment (environment must have Common Data Service and its region must be supported; either the United States or Europe). If the environment is not eligible, the AI Builder feature won't appear in the Power Platform Admin center.

To control the feature availability:

  1. Sign in to the Power Platform Admin center.

  2. In the admin center, go to Environments > [select an environment] > Settings > Features.

  3. On the Features settings page, under AI Builder (preview), enable or disable Create AI models in PowerApps.

    Control AI Builder availability

Some important points related to enabling or disabling the feature:

  • If you set Create AI models in PowerApps to Off (disabled), it won't delete existing models that users of this environment might have created. However, AI Builder components won't be visible anymore, and existing experiences that leverage existing AI builder components will fail and/or return errors.

  • If you set Create AI models in PowerApps back to On (enabled), the AI Builder components will become visible again and function as they did earlier.

  • To delete all AI Builder models from an environment, you must delete each model and then disable the AI Builder feature by setting Create AI models in PowerApps to Off to ensure that users can’t create new models using AI Builder. You must do this on each environment where AI Builder was enabled.

For more information about enabling/disabling features in the Power Platform Admin center, see Manage feature settings.

Backup and restore

Dynamics 365 allows protecting your apps data and providing continuous availability of service thanks to its built-in backup and restore capabilities. For more information, go to Backup and restore instances in PowerApps docs.


Currently, AI Builder provides limited support for backup and restore.

A system administrator or delegated admin user can use the standard capabilities described in Backup and restore instances.

After a restore operation, they must manually retrain and republish existing models to make them available again. For more information, go to Retrain and republish existing models.