Use the entity extraction prebuilt model in Power Automate

  1. Sign in to Power Automate, select the My flows tab, and then select New > +Instant-from blank.

  2. Name your flow, select When an email arrives in the list of triggers, and then select Create.

  3. Select + New step, search for html to text, and then select Html to text in the list of actions.

  4. Select + New step, search for the term AI Builder, and then select Extract entities and their types from text in the list of actions.

  5. In the Text field select the plain text parameter.

    Choose an a action'

  6. In the successive actions, you can use any fields extracted by the AI Builder model. For example, you can send an email using the Entity type and Entity value fields.

    Choose an a action'

Congratulations! You've created a flow that uses an entity extraction model. Select Save in the upper-right corner, and then select Test to try out your flow.



Name Required Type Description Values
Text Yes string Text to analyze Text sentences
Language Yes string Language of the text to analyze List of predefined languages or language code (ex.: "en", "fr", "zh_chs", "ru")


Name Type Description Values
Entity type string Type of the entity Example: DateTime or Organization
Entity value string Content of the entity Example: June 1 or Contoso
Confidence score float How confident the model is in its prediction Value in the range of 0 to 1. Values close to 1 indicate greater confidence that the extracted value is accurate
Starting location integer Where the entity's first character appear in the line
Character count integer How long the entity is

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