Delete a Filter from a Mining Model

Applies to: SQL Server 2019 and earlier Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services Power BI Premium


Data mining was deprecated in SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services and now discontinued in SQL Server 2022 Analysis Services. Documentation is not updated for deprecated and discontinued features. To learn more, see Analysis Services backward compatibility.

When you create a filter on a mining model, you can create models on a subset of the data in the data source view. Filters are also useful for testing the accuracy of the model on a subset of the original data.

However, you must delete the filter if you want to view the complete set of cases again. This procedure describes how to remove conditions on a filter, or delete the filter completely.

To delete a condition from a filter on a mining model

  1. In SQL Server Data Tools, in Solution Explorer, click the mining structure that contains the mining model you want to filter.

  2. Click the Mining Models tab.

  3. Select the model, and right-click to open the shortcut menu.


    Select the model. On the Mining Model menu, select Set Model Filter.

  4. In the Model Filter dialog box, right-click the row in the grid that contains the condition you want to delete.

  5. Select Delete.

To clear the filter on a mining model in the Filter Editor dialog box

  • In the Filter Editor dialog box, right-click any row in the grid, and select Delete All.

Working with Model Filters Using the Properties Window

If you want to delete the whole filter, you do not need to open the filter editor dialog boxes. The filter conditions that you created are available in the Filter property of the mining model.


You can view the properties of a mining model in SQL Server Data Tools, but not in SQL Server Management Studio.

To clear the filter on a mining model in Solution Explorer

  1. In Solution Explorer, click the mining model that contains the filter.

  2. In the Properties window, right-click the filter text in the Filter property, and select Select All.

  3. Press the Backspace or Delete key.

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