Database Dimension Properties

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server Analysis Services noAzure Analysis Services noPower BI Premium

In Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, the characteristics of a dimension are defined by the metadata for the dimension, based on the settings of various dimension properties, and on the attributes or hierarchies that are contained by the dimension. The following table describes the dimension properties in Analysis Services.

Property Description
AttributeAllMemberName Specifies the name of the All member for attributes in a dimension.
Collation Determines the collation used by the dimension.
CurrentStorageMode Contains the current storage mode for the dimension.
DependsOnDimension Contains the ID of another dimension on which the dimension depends, if any.
Description Contains the description of the dimension.
ErrorConfiguration Configurable error handling settings for handling of duplicate keys, unknown keys, error limits, action upon error detection, error log file, and null key handling.
ID Contains the unique identifier (ID) of the dimension.
Language Specifies the default language for the dimension.
MdxMissingMemberMode Determines how missing members are handled for Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) statements.
MiningModelID Contains the ID of the mining model with which the data mining dimension is associated. This property is applicable only if the dimension is a mining model dimension.
Name Specifies the name of the dimension.
ProactiveCaching Defines the proactive cache settings for the dimension.
ProcessingGroup Specifies the processing group. Values are ByAttribute or ByTable. Default is ByAttribute.
ProcessingMode Indicates whether Analysis Services should index and aggregate during or after processing.
ProcessingPriority Determines the processing priority of the dimension during background operations such as lazy aggregation, indexing, or clustering.
Source Identifies the data source view to which the dimension is bound.
StorageMode Determines the storage mode for the dimension.
Type Specifies the type of the dimension.
UnknownMember Indicates whether the unknown member is visible.
UnknownMemberName Specifies the caption, in the default language of the dimension, for the unknown member of the dimension.
WriteEnabled Indicates whether dimension writebacks are available (subject to security permissions).


For more information about setting values for the ErrorConfiguration and UnknownMember properties when working with null values and other data integrity issues, see Handling Data Integrity Issues in Analysis Services 2005.

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