Deployment Script Files - Specifying the Installation Target

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server Analysis Services yesAzure Analysis Services noPower BI Premium

The Analysis Services Deployment Wizard reads the installation target information from the <project name>.deploymenttargets file. Visual Studio with Analysis Services projects creates this file when you build the Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services project. Visual Studio with Analysis Services projects uses the database and server specified on the Deployment page of the <project name> Properties Pages dialog box to create the <project name>.targets file.

Modifying the Installation Target for Deployment

In some situations, you may need to deploy an Analysis Services project to a database or Analysis Services instance that is different than the one specified on the Deployment page. For example, you may want to deploy the project to a server for testing before deployment, and then deploy it to a production server after testing is finished. You may also want to deploy a completed and tested project to multiple production servers in a Network Load Balancing cluster, or to a staging server and a production server.

To deploy an Analysis Services project to a different database or Analysis Services instance, you can change the installation target in the input file by using one of the methods described in the following procedure.

To change the installation target after the input files have been generated

  • Run the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard interactively. On the Installation Target page, specify a new destination for the Analysis Services instance and database.


  • Run the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard at the command prompt and set the wizard to run in answer file mode. For more information about answer file mode, see Running the Analysis Services Deployment Wizard.


  • Modify the <project name>.deploymenttargets file by using any text editor.

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