TMSL Reference - Commands

APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server 2016 and later Analysis Services yesAzure Analysis Services yesPower BI Premium

You can execute commands on an XMLA endpoint, formulating object definitions in JSON using the Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL), against tabular model databases. See Object Definitions in Tabular Model Scripting Language (TMSL) for a list of objects used with the following commands.

Object operations

Alter command (TMSL) Make inline modifications to an object without having to specify the full definition.
Create command (TMSL) Creates a new object, including its descendants.
CreateOrReplace command (TMSL) Create or replace parts of an object definition. The full definition must be provided.
Delete command (TMSL) Delete an object, including its descendants.

Data refresh operations

MergePartitions command (TMSL) Merge a target partition into a source, and delete the target.
Refresh command (TMSL) Process a database, table, or partition.


Sequence command (TMSL) Batch operations sequentially or in parallel

Database management operations

Attach command (TMSL) Adds a file to the server.
Detach command (TMSL) Removes a file from the servers.
Backup command (TMSL) Creates a backup file of a database.
Restore command (TMSL) Restores database to the server.
Synchronize command (TMSL) Synchronizes a tabular database with another existing database.