MDDataSet Data Type (XMLA)

Defines a derived data type that represents multidimensional data returned by the Execute method.

Namespace urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-analysis:mddataset


<root xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:xml-analysis:rowset">  
   <!-- The following elements extend Resultset -->  
   <!-- Optional schema elements -->  

Data type characteristics

Characteristic Description
Base data types Resultset
Derived data types None

Data type relationships

Relationship Element
Parent elements None
Child elements Axes, CellData, OlapInfo
Derived elements None


The MDDataSet data type provides the OLAP-oriented rowset (or dataset) required to represent OLAP data in XML. The contents of this rowset can vary depending on the values of the Content and Format properties provided in the Properties collection of the Execute method. For more information about the Content and Format properties, see Supported XMLA Properties (XMLA).

For basic information about the OLE DB for OLAP dataset structures, refer to "MDDataSet Data Type Mapping to OLE DB" in the XML for Analysis 1.1 specification. For a full XML Schema definition language (XSD) sample of the MDDataSet data type, refer to "Appendix D: MDDataSet Example" of the XML for Analysis 1.1 specification.