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Report content for moderation review

You might find content that needs a moderator to review because of the following reasons:

  • It is Spam

  • It is Advertisement

  • It is Offensive, abusive, or inappropriate

  • Violates Microsoft Q&A Code of Conduct

  • Violates somebody else's copyright

  • It is Misleading

  • Someone is not being nice

  • It is not relevant or off-topic

  • Any other reason

If that is the case, please report it to a moderator for review.

NOTE: The process is the same for reporting questions, answers, comments, or feedback.

Reporting the content:

  1. Click the Settings/Gear icon at the right of the content type.

  2. Click on the Report link.
    settings icon and report option

  3. Select a reason for reporting the content from the Report dialog drop down.
    reason for reporting the content

  4. You can enter additional comments in the text box.

  5. Click OK to send the content to the moderator team.

  6. A yellow bar will show on top of the content informing that the content has been reported for moderation review.

yellow bar indicating the content is reported to a moderator

NOTE: The content will continue display on the site while a moderator reviews it. The moderator might decide to edit the content, delete it, or cancel the report based on the contents of the post.

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