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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

You may have noticed we are now surveying Q&A users, here is more information!

In Microsoft Q&A, we are excited to hear back from you on how you are enjoying this experience. To get this input, we've introduced two anonymous surveys to the platform that you may get asked to respond to:

Customer satisfaction

This survey targets a sampling of all users to get a general impression of how you are enjoying your experience with Microsoft Q&A.

Survey rating

Survey verbatim

Question asking experience

This survey targets users who have asked questions on the platform, and then returned to view an answer. We want to understand how your experience was, starting from finding a problem you want to solve to getting an answer from the Q&A community.

Survey rating

Survey answer quality question

Survey recommendation question

Survey verbatim section

These surveys don't replace the way we gather feedback on the site. You should still use Share your feedback to let us know of any bugs, suggestions, or specific comments you have about Microsoft Q&A, especially if you want to track the status. You can find more information about site feedback here.

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