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Editing content

Editing content

When to edit content

As a moderator you can edit or modify content (questions, answers, comments, feedback) for the following reasons:

  • To delete any user’s private or confidential information such as email, subscription details, password, keys, etc.

  • To remove any offensive content.

  • To improve the question to have a better chance to get answer.

  • To improve the answer.

  • To clarify the comment.

  • To translate the content to English if the thread is in another language. In this case, add the translation at the end of the content.

It is not OK to edit content to:

  • Fix spelling or grammar mistakes.

  • Add non-relevant information to the thread the user did not intend to include.

How to edit questions, answers, and feedback

  1. Navigate to the respective content.

  2. From the "Gear" symbol, select “Edit”, now update the content you wish to modify.

  3. Add an "Edit" note in the thread about what you changed. Examples: "Edited: removed private information", "Edited: Added English translation”.

  4. Enter a note in the “Updated summary field” (only for questions and answers).

  5. Select “Notify Followers” (only for questions and answers).

  6. Click on “Save Changes” to finish.

How to edit comments

  1. Navigate to the comment.

  2. Under the comment, click on “More”, select “Edit” and update the comment you wish to modify.

  3. Add an "Edit" note in the thread about what you changed. Examples: "Edited - Removed private information”, "Edited: Added English translation”.

  4. Click on “Submit” to finish.

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