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Microsoft Q&A automatically grants users as experts per tag. A user is an expert when they get 3 Accepted Answers on a tag over a 30-day period. When you become a tag expert your user will automatically begin to follow that tag. This means that when a question is posted with a tag within your expertise, you will automatically receive a notification prompting you to provide an answer.

When you are identified as an expert on a tag, there will be an “Expert Answer” badge next to your name on the answer you provide within that tag. Example:

expert answer grey badge


  • You do not get additional reputation points for being identified as an expert on a tag.

  • You cannot self-identify yourself as an expert.

  • You can be an expert on one or more tags at any given time.

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I don't like the way it is working since: if there is a newbie that answered three very very simple low level questions then the site will present him as expert which make no sense to me.

It is like Microsoft (since we are in official Microsoft interface) announces that this user is expert and this impact how other people see his next message(s) which might be really low and wrong.

Think about the situation I describe here and how problematic it can be for Microsoft's clients who come to get support in the forum and they see Microsoft's "experts" so they automatically take what he said as true.

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Thank you for the feedback, Ronen. I will bring this feedback to the implementation team to review.

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@pituach The requirement is not only answering 3 questions within a tag, but also having the original poster accepting those answers as the solution to their problem. Note that in order to keep that badge a user has to keep answering questions and getting their answers accepted.

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