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Q&A is not good

As an IT professional who is often looking for answers, having specific forums on TechNet was perfect. I do not like the new Q&A.
On TechNet I'd favourite in my browser and navigate easily and instantly to what I needed. They were easy to search and follow, and the threads of conversation from the community and MVPs invaluable and easily presented. On here I cannot say the same.

IT professionals are - often - seeking answers to deeply technical issues or questions and are not the same as the more end-user facing needs. I personally don't believe you should mix IT pros with their end-users. Ask any of the latter and I am sure they would want their IT pro to be able to find what they need to help and not mix them into the same pot; clearly there is as natural and understandable barrier between the expert and the consumer - and in pretty much every industry that is true. Technet gave you access to a community of experts, with no agenda other thasn to try to help and educate.

IT professionals spend incredible sums of money via their contracts and agreements with Microsoft, and whilst some can give you access to DSEs and PS etc the value provided by the community in real-world experience of peers & MVPs mustn’t be ignored; this Q&A site makes it frankly horrible to navigate. Please make it clearer, easier and more logical for us to find what we need to help OUR customers.

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@NickCX-2258 , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

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You are absolutely right there are many things we need to improve the site, including navigation, filtering, and search. All those things are in our roadmap and captured in many other items, so I am going to close this one, considering that this feedback is captured already.

I would like to mention that Q&A is just for technical users (IT Pro, developers, etc.) and not for consumers or end-users. For that, Microsoft already has Microsoft Answers and users should go there as their experts are in that community. However, some type of cross-pollination is completely normal.

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