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Need ability to delete my own questions and challenge redirects

I asked a question 6 days ago about a DNS problem, yesterday i got some new results of testing on the subject and today i wanted to delete my question and ask it in a different way because so many thing had been changed since then, but there was no possibility to delete my own post!

I closed the question and opened another, same problem with similar title but totally different information. It was unhelpful that someone redirected my new question to the old one that was already closed. Now I can't get my answer.

I'd also love a way to be able to challenge the redirect.

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@BabakEbrahimi-3629 I edited your site feedback to better represent what you are requesting without the inflammatory language (it doesn't help make your case). I also canceled the redirect.

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Thank you! I don't care about the feedback or other stuffs here i just needed this: " I also canceled the redirect", thank you about that.

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