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Need more explicit documentation to Deploy App with ASP.NET Core on Linux, Identity, Entity Framework 6,MySQL Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Hi Everyone,

Little introduction and feeling about the technologies in .net5

It is great to see the progress made by Microsoft in the Open source domain .net Framework in general. I think it is really heading toward the good direction. But the implementation of it on Linux server is till a bit off an experimental thing, especially if we need all features to work correctly.

I'm having issue with the deployment off my application on a production server on Ubuntu 20.04LTS.
This is for now just a sample MVC .net core project to test the maturity of the .net5 on Linux.
I managed to deploy a sample application with the help of the official documentation.

But server configuration which is the most difficult is still hard to manage.

I didn't manage To make my sample project work with MySQL and entity framework.
It is working fine on my Visual studio Dev environment on Windows but can't manage to make it work on the Ubuntu 20.04LTS.

I'm asking for documentation on how to use the migration with .net5 and Entity framework etc.

I will still try to implement it but I'm seriously thinking about switching the project I'm currently working on using an other technology All together if the configuration off .net Linux is still such a pain.

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