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Hypervisor "Quick Create" error "Failed hash verification for file...." please provide solution!

I have Hypervisor installed on a Lenovo laptop (with Bios already enabled) and running Hyper v on Windows 10 Pro desktop. I have spent all day trying to both "Quick Create" and manually create Ubuntu without success!

My latest attempt in "Quick Create" for Ubuntu 18.04.03 (after waiting 2 hours for download!) is:

"Failed hash verification for file

I've already unchecked the "secure windows boot" option (I've tried it both ways, checked and unchecked)

Please include this solution! I also tried Ubuntu 20.04 (also about 2 hours to download! I'm on a wired network) with a similar error. I can't find a resolution.

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@MarianJacklich-9042 , thank you for the feedback. This area is specifically for Microsoft Q&A feedback only, due to this, we are closing this item.

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