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Useless forum QA

In previous forums we would select the category to ask question. For e.g. there was SharePoint 2013 Development category but in this new QA site there is no such thing. Pretty useless.
Yes you can mention tags and I managed to find one office-server-sharepoint-development but can't find other tags like C#, document library etc.

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@FrankMartin-0949 - you can use the products page to navigate around all supported products and services by clicking on the Q&A link on the navigation bar, you will get to this page:

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Yes, it is a new format that is taking some getting used to. Nor are all the product categories from the TechNet forums moved to QA yet. The transition period and learning curve is painful.

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@timcerling-5039 do you have any suggestion to make this transition easier? Thank you for your feedback?

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Brute force. I am struggling, too. I am a long time user of TechNet forum and the lack of some of the features found there is frustrating. And some of the bugs in QnA are bothersome. The product seems more like a beta product rather than a released product, but it appears that the decision has been made to use this format so I am plugging away trying to figure it out. I, too, liked the 'isolation' of topics in TechNet. The tagging used in QnA means that one may see the exact same post in multiple forums, which was considered a no-no in TechNet. But, I will keep plugging away and hope they follow up on suggestions.

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@FrankMartin-0949 Not all the products are supported in Q&A today. It is not feasible for us to move all the communities at once into Q&A so we have to do it gradually.

I am sorry that the services you are looking for are not available.

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