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Number of active users connected to the Azure virtual machine

Answered the above question as follows

Between, one way is the following way, Use it in the following ways:

Is this answer wrong? Is it correct? I don't even know that. Do the people who ask questions here get samples, sources and documentaries like me from Microsoft for free? If given, link the URL in my answer and follow the instructions, and you should get the answer. But for people like me who don't get support from Microsoft, my answer is wrong. In that case, you have to answer in a way that is easy to understand and understandable to everyone, if the people who ask questions here are in the same environment as me, I refuse to answer, it's a waste of time. I think. The answer is written, but I can't even find it. Of course we give feedback. This is because I am allowed to use software and resources for free. It is natural to return it when you receive it. If the people asking here are in the same environment as me, I'm wasting time answering the questions, and even if I'm involved with those who aren't inquisitive, nothing new is born.

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