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Azure Synapse - no error message on LogAnalytics table SynapseIntegrationActivityRuns

We are implementing a monitoring of our Synapse data pipelines via Azure Log Analytics workspace queries.
Therefore we found the table "SynapseIntegrationActivityRuns" and "SynapseIntegrationPipelineRuns", but none of them is showing error details. On the former ADF log tables it was available, but for Synapse I can't find it.

In this Query example I just see that there is a failed execution, but not the error message itself:
SynapseIntegrationPipelineRuns | where Status == 'Failed'

I only see "level=Error" and "status=Failed", but I miss the details why it failed.
The same thing is with the SynapseIntegrationActivityRuns, Except level=Error and Status=Failed I don't see why an activity failed, but I see at least at which activity the failure occurred.
Can you please extend these tables with the detailed error information? In case the information is available on other tables, please let me know which tables we need to join.
Thank you in advance.

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