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Add support for private infrastructure

The new integration of grafana into azure is awesome.

However we can't currently see any way to integrate private infrastructure logs to grafana.

Is there plans to develops networking feature for azure managed grafana in order for example to connect datasources hosted by private AKS clusters ?

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Hi, thank you so much for the feedback! Do you mind sharing a little bit more about your data store? What kind of data store and is it only accessble within the AKS cluster vnet? Accessing data in customer network is one key scenario we want to solve.

Do you mind open a public endpoint for Grafana to query the data? We have fixed public IP address for the Grafana instance, this can reduce the attack surface a little bit.

Please feel free to reach us for any questions or suggestions at:

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Hi !

Well basically we are using loki and Jeager into our AKS cluster. All our infrastructure, AKS included, is in private mode due our business field of work that requires top security.

We currently have a grafana instance deployed in that cluster, that can be accessed through an azure vpn client, using vnet gateway routing.

If that was possible we would use azure managed grafana deployed withing a vnet, that would peer with our aks cluster vnet in order to use our current private data sources.

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