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Forum help does not work now.

Unable to execute your request
We are sorry, but we are unable to execute your request at this time. You may be seeing this page because you attempted to submit a thread before its form was fully loaded. Please refresh this page and then try again. If this error persits, please enter a Site feedback and provide details of the action you were trying to take.

Well what I need to get answered I guess can't be as the above makes it clear that nothing I do will help.

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I think it's because of the updates on the site unless it's repeated later

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I got the same error recently when I was trying to post my answer. Then I posted it in qna-feedback and it was tagged immediately by Dave P as transact-sql question. In any case, I was able to submit my reply in a a few minutes after. I suspect this error may happen if two users try to post an answer to the same question at the same time.

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