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Azure Stream Anlytics to Power BI Throttling Issue

Hi all,

I have faced Power BI throttled issue from my Azure stream analytics,

I have tried to add Tumbling Windows or Hopping Windows to the query, but fail to do so.

Below is my original query for my stream analytics job,

     Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.Factory AS Factory,
     Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.Line AS Line,
     Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.Tag AS Tag,
     TRY_CAST(Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.PV AS float) AS PV,
     TRY_CAST(Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.[DateTime] AS datetime) AS RealTime,
     TRY_CAST(Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.ALM AS bigint) AS ALM,
     TRY_CAST(Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.ALMLL AS bigint) AS ALMLL,
     TRY_CAST(Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.ALMHH AS bigint) AS ALMHH,
     Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.Description AS Description,
     Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.Unit AS Unit,
     TRY_CAST(Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.DisplayOrder AS bigint) AS DisplayOrder,    
     Data_SCADA.ArrayValue.Range AS Range,    
     System.Timestamp() AS RealTimeUTC
     CROSS APPLY GetElements([IOTHubSCADA].Data) AS Data_SCADA
     [IOTHubSCADA].Type LIKE 'AzureSCADA'

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Hi @ShiuhJerPhoon-9000,

Welcome to Microsoft Q&A platform and thanks for your query.
As per the guidance from ASA product team and this doc, when such throttling issue occurs, we need to aggregate events on ASA side before writing to Power BI to ensure that it doesn't throttle on power BI.

As per your statement - 'I have tried to add Tumbling Windows or Hopping Windows to the query, but fail to do so.' my understanding is that you tried aggregating your job query but it fails. Could you please confirm if it fails with same throttling error message or a different? In case if you hit the same throttling error, it means your query is still producing more outputs/second than Power BI allow. Which means you may need to further aggregate your query. Could you please try further aggregating your query and let us know how it goes?

Looking forward to your response

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Hi @ShiuhJerPhoon-9000,

Follow up to see if you have had a chance to see the previous response. We need the following information to understand/investigate this issue further.

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