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StreamWebSocket for sending video within 2 UWP apps in c#

I have 2 UWP apps, and one app sends captures video on Windows.Media.AppRecording. And I use StreamWebSocket to send data. But the thing is when the data sending method and data receiving method is in the same file, it can be done. But if those 2 methods are in different UWP apps, it did not work. I used the same URI used in the sample and can I know the reason for this and If I create a local server, is this will become a solution.

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Hello, if you want to transfer data between two different applications through StreamWebSocket, it is recommended to create a server as a relay. And try not to be a local server (localhost), because UWP has local network loopback restrictions.

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Hello, has your problem been resolved? If you have other questions, please feel free to ask.

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