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How to communicate with Xbox one controller in uwp?

I can use Windows.Gaming.Input to get the key input of the handle (this is the handle of a third-party manufacturer and has passed Microsoft Certification), but I want to communicate with the device through byte array.

I notice the namespace: Windows.Gaming.Input.Custom, I can connect to the device through this, but through the GipGameControllerProvider.SendMessage/SendReceiveMessage Unable to send any command to device.

So I'd like to ask if there is any way for me to communicate with the xbox controller?


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Forgot to mention it: I use bus hound to determine if I have successfully sent a command to Xbox one controller

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I'm not sure how to send byte array to xbox one controller and why the SendMessage can't work, so I will ask the team about this.

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Great! Thank you very much for your reply, i'm wating :)
And it doesn't have to be a byte array, I just want to be able to send requests and receive data to the device in any way
Thanks again.

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