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Microsoft Graph API error

Regarding our domain , I can't get the teams channel using the Microsoft Graph API.
We send out API requests every minute.

Was it restricted from Microsoft?

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Our service has already been affected by the API outage, and we would like to know what to do about it.

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Well what's the error?

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As we are mainly responsible for general issue of Microsoft Teams. Your question which is involved in development is not supported by us. I would add the azure-ad-graph tag. Hope you get better response.

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Could you please provide more information about the issue? list channels is the Graph API for fetching list of channels in Team

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Any update on the below ask, Please provide more information so we can check the issue what error you are getting? Did you have required permissions to call this API?

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Any updates?? Get us the detailed error, response log/requestid & timestamp and the API call that you're trying to use, but it's failing... so that we can investigate..

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