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About DHCP Server in WDS environment

Hello Guys

I want to deploy the image of Win8 on different client computers within a LAN environment. For that I want to use WDS(Windows Deployment Services) .

My questions are as follows:

Q.1 ) Is it possible that on a Physical machine of WinServer 2016, I can create multiple virtual machines on which I'll be installing Win8 OS(Operating Systems) later using WDS services ?

Will I be able to connect these virtual machines which I create in a single vmware software which is installed on the physical computer WinServer 2016 with the same WinServer 2016(Where WDS is installed)?

Q.2 My other question is that If I configure and install DHCP and DNS on the same physical computer which has WinServer 2016 installed on it, before I install WDS on it, will that slow down the WinServer 2016 machine?

Q.3 How can I configure the DHCP Server to assign TCP/IP configuration dynamically to client computers(virtual machines) which I already created on a vmware software on a physical computer of WinServer 2016? Offcourse prior to deploying Win8 on these virtual machines, we need to make sure that these virtual machines on vmware software can recieve TCP/IP configuration from DHCP Server so that they could connect on a single LAN(Local Area Network) before we could even start deploying Win8 OS on these virtual machines using WDS?

I hope my questions are clear, if they are not pls let me know.


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Please note: VMware is not Microsoft’s product, we have no condition to test them, you’d better consult VMware support directly for some ideas.

About Q2: Yes, but it is not the main problem, slow down performance should not obvious.
Let’s see the following two scenarios:
1.If WDS and DHCP are running on different servers but on the same subnet so broadcasts are not a problem: As long as the client deploying an image from the WDS server and the WDS server are on the same subnet and different servers, everything works fine with no DHCP options configured.
2.If WDS and DHCP are installed on the same server: You must tell WDS not to listen on port UDP 67, leaving it available for DHCP traffic only. But then how does the client find the WDS server? You set option 60 in DHCP.
If you install WDS on a server that's already running DHCP, during the configuration of WDS the DHCP Option 60 page will appear, and you can select both Do not listen on port 67 and Configure DHCP option 60 to “PXEClient”. If you install DHCP on a machine that already has WDS installed, you must manually enable option 60 in DHCP.

If fact, it is kind of strange that configure a physical WDS server and virtual clients on the same physical server for WDS experiment, why not just use the Hyper-V on your physical WinServer 2016, create multiple Virtual machines, one VM is WDS server and others are clients, make all of them on the same subnet then do your experiment…

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