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Network configuration for standalone disconnected ASDK


From the setup guide, it was recommended to deploy disconnected ASDK with internet.

I have 4 unused network adapter. When choosing network interface for ASDK host, does it matter which adapter i used? Since it is a disconnected ASDK, there will not be cable connected to the adapter after the setup, does the IP in that chosen adapter matter? (Since I am using dynamic IP for internet connection during deployment)

And also what is correct DNS & time server IP should I use when asked during the preparing and installing ASDK wizard? (DNS & IP server from internet?). Does disconnected ASDK works alone without another internal DNS and time server?

Having redeployed ASDK 3 times, being facing some instability after those deployments, was suspecting
misconfigured network since it was not well explained in the setup guide for disconnected mode. Hope someone can guide me out of this vicious cycle. Thanks in advance.

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The NIC you use for internet should not matter. The ASDK will inherit network & internet settings from the host.

For the time server question, I am following up now to get more information.

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