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outlook 2016 not syncing all messages with exchange online

I have an exchange online (plan 1) account and I have outlook 2016 desktop. I connected my outlook 2016 to the exchange online account and I set 'use cached exchange mode to download email to an outlook data file' to 'all'. Outlook is not syncing all messages, lots are missing. For instance, I have emails in a sub folder of my inbox from july/2020. In outlook, the folder is there but no messages in that folder. If I do 'send/receive all folders' or 'update folder', is always shows 'all folders are up to date', but this is not correct.

I have deleted the outlook account, then re-added it, no help.
I have done a compact on the data file, no help.

How do I get outlook to sync all emails?

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Hi @FTINC-4195
According to your description, this question seems to be related to Outlook, so we would move the irrelevant tags.

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Hi @FTINC-4195,

Does this issue only happen in this specific Outlook client? To confirm if your issue is related to this specific Outlook client, it is suggested for you to do the same tests on other Outlook clients and see if the issue has any difference.

As I know, when using Exchange email account with online mode in Outlook client, Outlook will directly access emails from your mail server without caching to local data files. So, to confirm if the issue is related to your existed datafile, it is suggested to change to Online mode(File > Account Settings > Account Settings > Double click your email account > uncheck Use Cache Exchange Mode > restart your Outlook) and see if you can see all the emails in the mailbox normally.

If everything can work fine in Online mode, I'm afraid that the key of your issue might indeed be related to the existed datafile. Please try to recreate your email account and using a complete new datafile to see if this issue could be resolved.

If I misunderstand your issue or there is any update, please feel free to let me know.

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Hi @FTINC-4195,
Have you got your issue fixed?
I'm writing to see if the reply above is helpful to you.
If you have any update about this issue, please feel free to post back.

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Hi Jeff Yang

I have been plagued with this situation for about a week. I have 2 computers attached to my Exchange account. The office laptop seems to be syncing ok now, but my home computer seems to be missing subfolders. I deleted the Outlook folder that contained the OST file and let it regenerate. Same problem. Various folders do not have the subfolders in them.

Since the Outlook and Server (OWA) are somewhat attached, I was able to create some new folders and subfolders in Outlook that appeared on the server Then, on the server, I dragged the emails from the missing subfolders into the newly created subfolders and they populated in Outlook. Obviously this is no solution.

I did what you suggested, in which I turned off cache mode and Outlook is appearing with the same folder structure as the OWA server. I turned on Cache, restarted Outlook, and the same folders are missing their subfolders. Some are there, some are missing. Not sure what to do now.

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