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Azure App Service SNAT Connections Logs

We are trying to determine the number of Azure App Service TCP Connections by Destination, to see exactly which piece code we need to look at see where port exhaustation might be occuring, is there a way to pull these logs rather then just get the summary view in the diagnose and solve problems view?

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@SanilLad-4389, Thanks for posting this good question!

While I check on this internally with our product engineering team and get back. I understand you have already checked the diagnostic blade and reviewed the summary of the Connections. You have stated that "you're trying to determine the number of Azure App Service TCP Connections by Destination"- From the same diagnostic's blade > '`TCP connections` 'provides a snapshot of the maximum connections (IP:port)- Could you please just confirm, if you're referring to the same option or something else?


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@SanilLad-4389, Just following-up to add these info as additional info:

Kindly review some of the App Service Sandbox limit
Cross VM Numerical Limits and Exhausting ports

This article is intended that provide resolutions for common problems can occur with outbound connections from an Azure Load Balancer. Most problems with outbound connectivity that customers experience are due to SNAT port exhaustion and connection timeouts leading to dropped packets. This article provides steps for mitigating each of these issues.

Thanks! I will follow-up on this shortly.

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@SanilLad-4389, I'd checked on this with our product engineering team, As of today, we don’t have any plans to surface any other information apart from what the detector shows already (related to TCP Connections and SNAT Port Exhaustion -via Diagnose and solve problems). Apologies for any inconvenience with this.

If you wish you may always share your feedback on our Uservoice as well- All of the feedback you share in these forums will be monitored and reviewed by the Microsoft engineering teams responsible for building Azure. Also, Users with a similar request, can up-vote your post and share their comments.

We're really appreciate you taking time to share your valuable feedback. Thanks, again.

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