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adfs exchange

i have 2 2016 exchange servers configured in dag mode. external urls are not published. users can connect just internally.
the client recently asked to publish it externally using web app proxy.
i have seen that this needs an adfs server to be installed and maybe adcs server( not sure)
for the moment, we are not planning to have our root ca as for the exchange server we are using public certificates from go daddy.
my question is, as adfs and web app proxy needs certificates when installing and configuring can i use the same one of the exchange server??

second thing, the customer wants to deploy the wap in his dmz. does the wap needs to have a public ip?
can you advise on the procesure please
as i cant seen many details about these kind of deployments


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wap to publish owa and using adfs pre-authenticaiton.
can you advise on the deployment

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