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BLE Server sample is not working, but BLE client samples seems to be

I am trying the BLE samples. When trying the first client sample (Discover Servers), it successfully starts enumerating, but when I selected the Server sample the following message came up:

"There is no Bluetooth Device, or the default Bluetooth Device cannot act as a Bluetooth Server".

Can you help me figure out what is happening?

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Do you use this sample to test the BLE Server? In addition, when you testing the Server sample, can you follow this guidance to provide your Bluetooth log for us to check?

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@FayWang-MSFT Yes. I used this one. Ok, I run the tracker and the log is here (!AnOP-JIAvT7sgQjzf9lBTlmhWLxc) . I started running it before open the solution, I selected the Server Sample and there were still no options there. Only the message I said before. And at last I stopped the tracker. Thank you.

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OK, I have asked other engineer to look at this issue.

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Can you tell us the hardware you are using as well as the Windows OS version you are running? And what type of devices are you trying to connect to?

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