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Bing Spell check api, mkt parameter not functioning

I found that no matter what value comes in the mkt parameter, example en-US, es-MX the api disregard that value and takes in account the IP address from the computer accessing the IP, this is a problem because I need to supply the mkt value for the right spell check.

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I did some extra research, using the X-MSEdge-ClientIP header the API identifies the market, I tested with a Canadian IP and a Mexican IP address, first case BingAPIs-Market=en-CA and y the second case es-MX was used.
Please advice

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@RCarrasco-1264 Are you using the cc parameter along with mkt parameter? This parameter and the cc query parameter are mutually exclusive, so both should not be specified. Do you see the same result if setLang parameter is also set? It would be great if you could provide an example of your scenarios.

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Hi I tried setLang (example without api-key)

and cc parameter

Both results behave thru the ip analysis, therefore IP value overrules the values for MKT CC and SETLANG parameters.

Please advice

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@RCarrasco-1264 Do you see the same result while using these parameters with X-Search-Location header too?

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Yes, we tried that too, no matter what values you provide thru MKT, CC , X-Search-Location are overrided with the detected IP, we are 100% sure about IP becuase we tested in local computers and in our server.


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