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Cannot download cab from error reporting API


I've been trying to download the cabinet file via error reporting API for my Xbox game. Based on the documentation available here: I was able to download error information however it looks like any call to cabinet API returns 400/401/500.

To make it simple to understand what I do:
- I'm resuing authentication token needed to fetch error data when I'm trying to download cabinet data,
- I'm trying to download cabinet file for my xbox crash,
- I've been using applicationid and cabid parameters

Sample CURL command that you can use to reproduce my issue.

> curl --header 'Authorization: Bearer {access-token}' '{applicationId}&cabId={cabId}'
> {"error":"The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error."}

Did I do something wrong? How I can fix that? API returns 500 for every cabinet in my instance

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Hello! I am having a similar issue for a long time now. You can see this here:

I can get "some" information from all endpoint, the result are not 100% reliable, because calls with similar filters to different endpoints (i.e.: 'failurehits' & 'failuredetails') don't return the same result set.

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Please check the Common REST API error codes for the error code descriptions. If you are meeting 500 error code, that means the server encountered an internal error, we can't help with this. You might need to submit a feedback in the Feedback hub.

Another thing is that the CAB file downloads are also available in the Failures section of the Health report in Partner Center. You could try to download them directly from the Partner Center.

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Hi @RoyLi-MSFT ,

We need to make this process less manually - our goal is to adjust it to our workflow. Without cabinet file or with random responses from API it won't be possible. Right now I'm getting 404 cabinet file not found, but the endpoint failureDetails returns JSON object with cabDownloadable set to true.

I'm also curious:
- what does it mean when failureHash returned by failurehits endpoint is empty.
- How I can match failureDetails for each report from failurehits? I see a crash in market eq 'AU' and there is no way to get a report detail by using filter market eq AU from failureDetails endpoint

Can you help us?

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I'm asking the store team about this via an internal channel. There might be some time delay.

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@KonradDysput-4530 , the team wants to talk to you directly. Please open a support ticket for your issue.

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in with your email address associated with your Dev Center account

  3. Click on Contact Us

  4. Click the dropdown for Developer support topic

  5. Select Dashboard -Store apps & games, Hardware, Collaborate

  6. Click the dropdown for Issue Type

  7. Select an appropriate issue

  8. Click Chat or Submit an incident

After you've done all the steps, the team will contact you with email.

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