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Keyboard input not registered in UWP Textbox loaded in a Dialog based application(MFC).

Various components like Button, CheckBox, Listbox. TextBox etc. are loaded in an MFC application using DesktopWindowXamlSource. All components are working as expected except TextBox and RichEditBox.

TextBox and RichEditBox are not allowing any input using keyboard. However text copied from somewhere else can be successfully pasted in the TextBox. Backspace and Delete also works on the pasted Text but other than that no other inputs can be given using keyboard.
The issue is present only in the case of Dialog based applications (C++ MFC).

Is this a feature that is currently not supported or is there some workaround for this specific issue?

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hi Henry, we are investigating this issue, could you share a minimal demo via onedrive or github to help us test this? Please don't include any private info in the demo:)

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