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How do I create apk file using Xamarin.Android.X?

Hi, I'm trying to generate apk with Xamarin.Android.X, but I'm getting a lot of errors. The project is deploying on the phone, but does not create apk.

Xamrin.forms - version:
Xamarin.AndroidX.Migration - version: 1.0.8

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If your using any google packages , then don't use r8 while creating apk. r8 not handling google libraries at all. It's skipping all imp classes while linking.

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Thanks for the answer.

How can I solve this problem?

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Do you have any logs of what the errors are? If you are having build issues it could be with your linker settings, would just change it to "SDK Assemblies" and not ALL

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Thanks for the answer.

now I can generate apk, but it doesn't install.

My configurations:


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May I recommend the default settings. Turn off LLVM Optimizating and only use startup tracing. Also use "SDK assemblies Only"

After this what error are you getting if you do get any.

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