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App Crashes On Launch After Not Being Opened For A Day

My Xamarin project runs a simple token identification check on launch, which is where I believe it is being held up. The odd part is that it only crashes after not being opened for an extended period of time, like after 24 hours. No error is shown and the crash isn't fatal as you can still see it running in the background, but it won't launch. Once this initial error occurs, and the app is removed from the background, it launches and runs fine. I previously posted regarding a similar (possibly the same) issue, but when that occurred, it would result in a crash as well as a crash report. It stopped 'crashing' after changing the iOS linker settings. The code executed at launch can also be seen in a code review thread. I don't understand why this is happening, the token is definitely not expired because they are set to expire 14 days after issuing. I'm using Azure for all backend and the web API is an ASP.NET project hosted on a free testing web hosting plan.

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If you keep your application in the background for a day, it is an unreasonable implementation, And app crash have lots of reasons, if you have AppCenter, you can check the log, based on your description, it is hard to troubleshot it.

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Thanks for the reply. As stated in my question, the crashlog can be viewed here:

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I open your log, do you create an Audio/Video application? Then your will play the audio or video all of the day? With out code, it is hard to narrow down this issue, you can open an support ticket(not free, supporter will control your computer remotely) for this issue.

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