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How to add a custom data provider to Server Explorer on VS2019?

I created a custom ADO.NET data provider (.Net Standard 2.0). Now, I want to add this provider to Server Explorer of VS2019. Do you have any document or tutorial?

P/s: I have searched around, but only see this guide: Data Designer Extensibility (DDEX) SDK, I seems be obsolete, right?

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Hi @HenryNguyen-4630 , the DDEX still works in visual studio 2019. You could create a extension with DDEX for your data provider. BTW, I found a similar thread:, maybe it is useful for you.

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@DylanZhu-MSFT I looked at this link before, but it had just guide to add new connection from a already data provider to server explorer, not about add new data provider. BTW, thank you for confirm about DDEX status. Do you have any guide about create a simple extension for a data provider with DDEX?

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Hi @HenryNguyen-4630 , sorry, there is no related samples about DDEX. Maybe you can refer to related documents about classes.

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