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Visual Studio Package Custom Property Pages Sometimes Throw "The DocumentSite on a WindowFrame may only be set once"


I am maintaining a Visual Studio Extension that uses the MPF Package class and is built in VS2012 to target VS2012-VS2015. This project creates multiple custom IPropertyPage-based property pages. On Visual Studio 2012, it works just fine, but on VS2015 I am running into an issue where when I open the Project->Properties window, close the window, and open it again, some of the property pages show the error: "The DocumentSite on a WindowFrame may only be set once".

Does anyone know what this error means and what causes this? "DocumentSite" and "WindowFrame" don't really come up with anything. I am not setting this site value anywhere. Should I be setting or releasing something in the IPropertyPage.SetPageSite function? I can't find anything related to this error online.

Thanks for any help,

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Hi @JonathanSiegel-3903 , please try to build your visual studio extension in VS2015, and then check if it could work in vs2012 and vs2015. And if it doesn't work, please try to update your sdk to 2015.

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Thank you for the reply. I couldn't update the SDK until recently, and now I'm running into a different issue before I can try this solution:

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