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[UWP] AppUriHandler and Apps for websites fail with sideloading unless in Developer Mode

I've tried to implement and test a sideload build but while the entries are appearing in Settings -> Apps -> Apps for websites, the interception of the URIs doesn't work and my app doesn't open unless Developer Mode is on. Will these work under sideload without Developer Mode when the app is published to the store (which requires the windows-app-web-link file to be deployed)? I tried the links entries that were built into windows, but they also didn't work unless developer mode is on.

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@LukeNuttall-2781 Could you please tell me the OS version of your device?

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I've tried in on 20H2 (my machines) and 1909. The 1909 machine was set to side load, but win + r, then the uri didn't open the app until Developer Mode was turned on.

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It also didn't work until developer mode was on in 20H2

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