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Azure Data Factory Copy Activity is stuck in "Queued" status.

Hi Team,

I have a pipeline in which one of the copy activity is stuck in "Queued" status. Normally it takes 20-30 seconds to finish but it is stuck since last 7-8 hours and still in the same state.

Location - uksouth
Pipeline activity run ID - '4618b2c0-0423-431b-8d5c-6c7153939cef'

Request you to resolve it ASAP.
Thanks in advance

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It's been more then 24 hours and the copy activity is still in queued state. Can you please help?

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Pipeline failed after in queued state for almost 50 hours with an error as below.

Error details
Error code: 1000
Troubleshooting guide
Failure type: System error
Details: The copy activity run was terminated due to execution stuck on retrieving data. Please double check your data sources' availability and retry. If the issue persists, contact support for help.

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Hi @ShubhamKumarJain-0024,

Are you using a self-hosted IR?

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No, it is Azure Integration run time.

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Are there any know issues with this? I'm using self-hosted IR and the tasks get stuck in the queues for couple of minutes.

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