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Can't use NSTexView.FromRtfdFile

I begin developing on VisualStudio for MacOs and try to store and reload the rich text content of a NSTextView.
Writing to a file is ok.
Reading with FromRtfdFile don't work.
If I try with ReadDataToEndOfFile it's Ok.
FromRtfdFile is more conveniant for me.
Any idea? Thank you in advance
Don't work :

 partial void action_chargeData(NSObject sender)
         NSTextView textView = outlet_data;
         NSUrl url = path("toto.txt"); //path returns the url (controled)
         Console.WriteLine("Read: " + url.ToString());

         if (textView.FromRtfdFile(url.ToString())) //???
             Console.WriteLine("Read error...");

Works fine:

         private void lisFichier()
         NSUrl url = path("toto.txt");
         NSError erreur;
         NSFileHandle fileH = NSFileHandle.OpenReadUrl(url, out erreur);
         if (erreur!=null)
             Console.WriteLine("erreur " + erreur.ToString());
             NSData datas = fileH.ReadDataToEndOfFile();
             NSTextView textView = outlet_data;
             NSRange rang = new NSRange(0, 0);
             textView.ReplaceWithRtfd(rang, datas); //for test
             Console.WriteLine("lu: " + datas.ToString());
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