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Set Different Destination / Recipient URL from POST URL in ADFS SAML Request

I am trying to set up ADFS SSO SAML, however I require the POST Request to go to one URL for example:
but the SAML Recipient and Destination URLs must be different, for example:

How can this be done within ADFS ?

Thank you

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I am not sure I fully follow here :)

There are two types of bindings for SAML assertion consumer endpoints: POST and Redirect. It dicates how ADFS redirects the user to the SP. POST means that the token is sent in an HTML form automatically posted to the URL using a JavaScript. The second means that it is going to be URL as query strings.

A SAML relying party trust can have one or multiple identifiers. And those identifiers can be in a URI format (URL is an example of URI format). And these URIs don't have to match the URL used in the binding profiles.

What do you need exactly?

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Hey thank you for the quick reply,

I hope I understood what you meant, we are using
SAML 2.0 WebSSO - in my case the SAML (a base64 encrypted XML data) is being sent via an HTTP POST request, the XML has many values within it, however what I am focusing on is the value within the "Response" called "Destination" and the value within the Subject>>SubjectConfirmationData > "Recipient" which are automatically populated when using the ADFS wizard/ setting when setting up an identifier > and setting up an endpoint and giving it a "Trusted URL" this trusted URL is inserted automatically into the values I mentioned above.

We need the request to be POSTed to a specific URL, however in the destination and recipient values (which I believe is where the response goes to) we need a different endpoint (URL), otherwise the SSO will not work correctly.

Please let me know if that makes sense, I have attached screenshots below as well

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