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Remove Work or School account option when signing into Microsoft Account

Please help, I don't want my Microsoft Teams guest end up in the same situation I got ...


I have two Microsoft accounts. One is my work account (let's say, the other one is personal (let's say

From work account (which is admin account that I use in Microsoft 365 Admin center for our school) I have created a team for our GUESTS. I have turned on guest option and everything following this article.

I then sent a test guest invitation (by adding guest to the team) to my personal email (which is also Microsoft account, if I recall properly the identity provider was I was prompted to create a new account, even though it was already registered with Microsoft - maybe because of this limitation: "Guest users who have an email address that belongs to an Azure Active Directory or Office 365 work or school account can accept the invitation directly. If the guest doesn’t yet have a Microsoft account associated with their email address, they'll be directed to create one for free." described here.

I was stupid enough to actually create another account to the same email and ended up with both personal and work/school profile to the same email. That of course caused prompts to select proper profile with every sign in and some other issues (QUESTION 2). I hate that and I don't want any of my guests to end up in the same situation.

QUESTION 1.1: I wanted to remove work/school profile following this article. I followed through the first step "Take over as the administrator of your domain according to Microsoft" but am then reluctant to continue with steps 2, 3 and 4. Would it be enough if I just change domain part of my username (like: instead of in the Admin center instead (I actually mean changing domain, not assigning alias) or do I have to create a new admin user, delete the old one and also delete the domain?

QUESTION 1.2: How could users remove work or school account option when signing into Microsoft Account if they couldn't take over their domain (e.g. with gmail address)?

QUESTION 2: Now on a Win10 computer, where I'm signed in with my personal email, every time I log in with my work email (e.g. to Word, Excel, OneDrive, all admin portals) I keep getting "Your organization has deleted this device. To fix this, contact your system administrator and provide the error code 700003." Not that big of a deal, I just click Continue and use the app or admin panels - but it's annoying. I checked Azure AD -> Devices and my device (computer) is there! I suspect this was caused my personal email becoming both personal and work/school. I followed this article and couple of others but it does not help. This error does not show up when I browse incognito or when I'm on any other computer. I have cleaned browser cache. Any other idea?

Thank you so much for your help!


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QnA currently supports the products listed in right-hand pane (more to be added) You can chat with microsoft account support here't%20sign%20into%20Microsoft%20account&

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Well, I don't see how that could be a helpful reply ... And my question absolutely is connected with products listed in right-hand pane, specifically Azure AD.

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I have the same sort of problem, now for several weeks if not months. I once learned (and did with my IT support guy) that I can delete all kinds of caches and temp files on my computer, but the problem keeps coming back after a few days...

My case is like this:
My e-mail address is linked with my private MS account and Win10. It works well for several years. Since one year I also use MS Teams as guest (with the account of on the business account of a client of mine. It still worked fine.
Since I have started to use a business account linked to another client on the same computer it starts to give problems. For that work I use
After several days Win10 starts to store three accounts on my computer: (privat account), (work/school account) and (work/school account).

I notice this happens when I cannot login with one of the accounts in the Teams app on my computer anymore. The first few times I have reset the password to make sure. It didn't change the issue, never did. When I check in the settings of Win10, I see the three accounts?!

Only when the not existing work/school account is deleted it is solved. But I don't recollect what we did together on my computer with the IT guy.

Any advice about where to find the way to delete the wrong account from my system?
Any advice about how to avoid this from happening again?

Best regards,

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