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functionality in speech to text API

In Azure Cognitive Service, and in Speech to Text API, there is only one Functionality Automatic Punctuation. Dictation, and text normalization is not includes here

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@SanniddhaChakrabarti-9451 The available features of speech to text API are basically request parameters of the API in general where automatic punctuation is available in the response. The page you are referring above is a demo page to display the ability of automatic punctuation of the service which is a natural way of presenting text based service.

Text normalization is actually a feature of the custom speech scenarios where you can train your custom speech models with your own set of normalization rules according to your organizations specifications. Dictation or conversational speech are general scenarios that the speech service can understand and provide the response based on the speech input.

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Good day @romungi-MSFT
Do you have an idea how to disable automatic punctuation in C #? I have to disable it to get minus numbers because I can't convert minus numbers to text

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