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App service log files are not being flushed to disk

Please see this question on StackOverflow:

I am deploying new builds however the log files for the app service are not being written to disk.
Even after I deploy a new build the only log file I get is for the last build. I have to wait overnight for the log to be flushed to disk. It is not possible for me to diagnose startup errors this way.
Thanks for your help.

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Sam, I have followed-up with you on the SO thread, will post an update here.

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Update: Working with Sam offline/following-up.

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Sam, We did not hear from you since our last discussion (offline), when you get a chance please let us know if you need further assistance. Thanks!

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Email to Ajay Kumar sent today:

Hi Ajay, I have not had a reason to make any changes to the site until today so I was sure to review this ticket to see if anything changed. After I deployed the changes I took these steps to try to reproduce the issue:

Stop the service
Ftp the log to c: drive
Start the service
Stop the service
Ftp the log to c: drive

As you can see log entries were not saved. Fortunately my site ran without errors. Last time I had to go through this I had errors but I could not tell what they were because I had no logging.

First log:
2021-03-10 22:34:33.159 +00:00 [INF] Ap
2021-03-10 22:39:19.288 +00:00 [INF] Vy
2021-03-10 22:41:03.675 +00:00 [INF] Co
2021-03-10 22:50:36.983 +00:00 [INF] Ap

Second Log:

2021-03-10 22:34:33.159 +00:00 [INF] A
2021-03-10 22:39:19.288 +00:00 [INF] V
2021-03-10 22:41:03.675 +00:00 [INF] C
2021-03-10 22:50:36.983 +00:00 [INF] A

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