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Visual studio 2019: not showing Target framework .net 5 while migrating a class library from .net framework 4.7.2

Hi There,

We have class library project on .netframework 4.7.2 , now want to port this class library project .net 5( basically targeting .net core)

We opened class library project in 2019 and migrated package.config to package reference , after migration i dont see packagereference. Right clicking on project -- then--> properties -- > application : now when I am trying to change target framework to.net5 I am not seeing it.

I have installed visual studio 2019 The .NET Desktop Runtime also includes the .NET Runtime and visual studio

Please help us resolving this.

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Hi,@Sri-4444 You want to migrate the .net framework to .net core? .net core does not have the package.config, if you have correctly following the way to migrate package.config to PackageReferrence but does not work, then another way is to update it manually, take the dependencies contained in the packages.config file and migrate them to the project file with the PackageReference format.

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