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How to set Proxy in MessageWebSocket?

I want to set a proxy in MessageWebSocket..i got this "PasswordCredential ProxyCredential" but don't understand how to set proxy URL

Example proxy:

URL:- 127.0.01

Port:- 8888

Getting 403 error; Forbidden (403). (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80190193) When I remove manual proxy then it's able to connect successfully

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Hi, have you tried to set the credential in your code?
Adding password and name like this: messagewebsocket.Control.ProxyCredential.UserName = test1;, messagewebsocket.Control.ProxyCredential.UserName = password1;

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Now I am trying this with my local fiddler proxy that has UNTRUST Certificate
So I added that code
MessageWebSocket messageWebSocket = new MessageWebSocket();

still, it's Not working

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It is currently unclear whether the problem is caused by the proxy settings or the way the UWP application handles the proxy. You can try to check Private Networks (Client & Server) in package.appxmanifest. If not work, you can try to create a WebSocket through another platform ( such as WPF ). If you cannot establish a WebSocket connection by other methods when the manual proxy is turned on, it may be a problem with the proxy settings.

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