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Azure AD - SAML with 3rd party as IDP

My current setup is .net web application plus Azure AD as IDP for my application. My application is a public web application where anyone can sign up and get in. We are in process of signing up a contract with one of our clients who already have their website and IDP (non-Microsoft).

Our requirement is that users login to their website, lets call it and my website as So user "A" logs into User "A" sees a button "Go to" on Once "A" click on this button, if he exists on, he sees dashboard directly but if "A" does not exist - he sees signup page.

Question: Is it possible to have SAML based trust relationship between their non-microsoft IDP and my Azure AD which acts as service provider? if yes, how is it implemented so users dont see login page and auto-login to if exists.

So users from should not see login page on If they are logged into, they should be auto-logged into

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