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WACK says my application is hanging/crashing- is this because I have my app open a content dialog the first time the user opens the program?

I'm finishing up a UWP app and getting ready to publish it. When I run the WACK, it says that the app experiences a "crash or hang" and stops responding. I believe this is because the app opens a content dialog the first time the user runs it- is this the case? Obviously the program isn't actually crashing when I debug it.

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If you comment the code snippet about ContentDialog and run the WACK again, will the same issue occur? If the WACK test still reporting this issue, could you please share the detailed error message here? In addition, you can refer to Windows App Certification Kit tests document to see the tests's details, and suggested actions depends on the detailed error message.

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I suggest you test it yourself (run the .msix) and see if you can repro this in release.

I have a feeling you may be opening the content dialog before the app is fully loaded and in foreground. That may be the case of your crash.

Try loading it in your MainPage's .Loaded event

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Turns out the crash was caused by something else, I just didn't catch in when testing it myself until running the .msix file like you said. Thanks

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Glad you solved your issue, you can post an answer and mark it, to convenient people who visit this thread later.

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