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App/game getting 0x80240017 error during download/installation

I've got a UWP game in the Microsoft Store. The majority of people that have installed it have not reported any issues. However, 2 people have now reported getting error 0x80240017 during the installation process.

I've been doing a lot of research on the subject, but I can't find anything that is particularly helpful. The error often seems to be connected to the Windows Update process.

Any insights that I can provide to my users would be very helpful. I'd also like some idea why this error is happening, in case there is something I can do from the developer's side of things to prevent it from happening in the future.


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Can you tell us the OS versions of those users' devices which throw 0x80240017 error during the installation process?

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The user is on Windows 10, but I don't know what the build number is. I had asked them for it, but neither of them got back to me with the info.

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If the users' machines are in Windows 10 and they're having problems with an app from Microsoft Store, you can recommend them to consider some updates and fixes by following the steps from this document. After that, if installing the app again, will the same issue occur?

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