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How to share the data from normal user account to KIOSK account?

HI Team,

I am facing problem in sharing the data from normal user to kiosk user.

We are using the same application package for normal user and kiosk user. But one simple thing is that we need to get the settings from notmal user and apply it to kiosk mode so that user donot need to change the settings one more time.

On searching the internet, i came across broadFileSystemAccess and SharedLocalFolder. Both the process need a user input to get it work. Is there is any way to programatically configure the broadFileSystemAccess and SharedLocalFolder without user inputs ( changing File System and turn it ON and changing group policy to allow all users to access the sharedfolder.

Balasubramanian S

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Currently, there is no api that can change the file system and edit group policy programatically in uwp, you can only change them manually in setting. What kind of data do you want to share? If you don't want to change the setting in kiosk mode, try to use Roaming data in your app to save your data, does it work?

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@FayWang-MSFT , It is basically an xml file that is to shared between the users. I have used SharedLocalFolder API from ApplicationData but this is not working in KIOSK mode. I am getting a crash and app restarts again and again with error.

Regarding RoamingData, Hadn't tried yet. Will try that and let you know.

Balasubramanian S

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OK, if you have any progress about RoamingData, please update here.

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@FayWang-MSFT I have tried RoamingData and even that does not work in KIOSK mode. Everytime i setup the KIOSK mode and try to access the RoamingFolder it return null.

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Also, i have tried SharedLocalFolder but that too returns nothing in KIOSK mode. Is there is any way to access specific folder (c:\ProgramData\XXX\file.xml) from KIOSK Mode?

My application is a desktop bridging application where i used the Win32 application for specific purpose. Even i tried to read and write from that Win32 application and even that application is also allowed to read/write in KIOSK mode.

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